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Noises in ears.

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@lineage– Hi. I’ve dealt with some ENT issues. What I have learned in this process, is the body is very complex, which is normal and a good thing as it is always working and functioning for us. I have also learned that you, yourself can have a hypersensitivity somewhere that may keep you more focused on that area. Our bodies are loud and make noises, which is totally normal. Out Eustscian tubes work for us all throughout the day do balance our hearing, temperature change and air pressure change. This could be something as simple as a function that your body has always had, but for some reason it has become louder and more noticeable to you. When you started noticing this, were you dealing with different stressors? Hydration is important for the eustscian tubes. As well as if you have any type of reflux, sometimes it can back up into eustacian tubes. Fresh fruits/Vegetables, vitamins and minerals are important for every function. I know this sounds very basic, but sometimes if we return to the basics, we create better homeostasis for the body to function and worry, which can sometimes eliminate loud symptoms.

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Hello and thank you for your post.

Unfortunately this issue seems more complex. These noises arent just noises, they include a physical feeling as well.

It usually occurs as I lay down to sleep or right after I wake up. Sometimes it will occur even when I am up and just living my life.

It is difficult to describe but I will try. When it occurs there is almost like a small spasm feeling in my chest right in the center, sometimes it feels like my esophagus at the top of my chest spasms. There can also be sensation felt in the ears deep inside that coincide exactly with the chest spasms. The noise can be best described as if you are attempting to pop you ears on an airplane but not quite all the way. The spasms and the noise happen exactly at the same time and each one is less than a 1/4 second long. I can have up to 3 of these in a second but usually it is just 1 or 2.

There have been very rare times where I could swear I could feel it in my lips and eyes but again those events are exceedingly rare.

I am scheduled for a nuclear stress test to guage the health of my heart because since March I have been having episodes of extreme weakness and being tired. My holter monitor showed everything as normal but on that day I only had maybe 3 of the spasm/noise events.

This has been going on for maybe 4 years, I cannot remember exactly when it started. I also started methadone for pain 4 years ago and have since had stomach issues. Dyspepsia, heartburn etc. Not sure if this may have anything to do with this.

I have tried to check my blood pressure when these occur and it seems normal.

It is so difficult trying to distinguish it from a heart, gastro or ent issue since they all occupy the same spaces in my chest.

I dunno… seems like a medical mystery and it worries me. It does not hurt but I am afraid it may be a symptom of something that may cause issues if I do not find an answer.

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