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Multi- valvular heart disease

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Well, welcome to my world. I started at Mayo in February 1966 and have not had to use the clinic hardly at all over the years. I am 80 now and at my last visit on August 7 the Dr. at Mayo said, "You are a healthy 80-year old. You don't look it and you don't act it." I feel your pain. I think we have similar problems. Stay with me.
At age 77 in December 2017 I had influenza A. I was hospitalized for five days. My wife said I vomited "violently" at home when I became sick of sudden onset. I had the same vomiting episodes in the hospital. I had always jogged 7-10 miles three times a week or walked 4-5 miles as an alternative. After my bout with influenza, I have not been the same. I went to Mayo in May 2018. It was determined I did damage my heart when I had the flu. I've had a TAVR because of aortic stenosis and had mild mitral valve regurgitation. I have a mitraclip and my last echo now showed moderate regurgitation. I also have developed severe pulmonary hypertension and am currently being treated for it with oral medication. All of these procedures were done transcatheter with no problems. I feel I am having side effects from the medication. I am exhausted, cannot walk very far, sleepiness and extreme tiredness, and any exertion leaves me very short of breath, and like I said, exhausted.
I was at Mayo August 5-6-7; Three days of testing. The cardiologist sent me back home to work with my cardiologist here and after three months he is to report to Mayo his findings. That will be November and he said they can decide then where to proceed. I am having a virtual consultation on September 21 with my Mayo cardiologist. Any and all procedures will be done in Rochester.
I would like to keep in touch with you and am interested how you are doing. WE sound similar. If you wish, you can private message me or post a reply here.

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