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Multi- valvular heart disease

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Hello Amanda and thank you for the reply and information. I would be willing to undergo a heart cath if it would resolve questions and my concerns about what might be going on with my right side elevated blood pressure. I have read several articles that a right heart cath is the "gold standard" for making that determination. I have a heavy history of cardiac disease, family member with bypass surgery and heart valve replacement, most well before my age of 64. I have not sought a 2nd opinion for this. Thank you again for the information and response.

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Hello @bkvfuller,

As someone with a lifetime history of valve disease (since age 11), I would concur about the importance of getting a second opinion. I would also recommend that you seek this second opinion from a well-respected heart center. Perhaps an institution like Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, or a university medical school in your vicinity.

I have also had a heart cath. They often do it through the wrist now. Much easier than through the groin and there are often fewer complications afterward. You might ask what route your doctor is planning on taking.

Can you get a second opinion at a heart center like these mentioned?

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