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Multi- valvular heart disease

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Hi @bkvfuller and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! I am sorry to hear the news of your most recent echo and the increasing symptoms you are having like the fatigue and shortness of breath. I'd like to invite @nw945, @bjanderson, @davej, and @yoanne to the discussion as they have all dealt with heart valve issues or surgery. I also included a Video Q&A and a Podcast below that you might be interested in.
– Video Q&A Valvular Heart Disease – https://connect.mayoclinic.org/webinar/video-qa-about-valvular-heart-disease

– Podcast: minimally invasive surgery for mitral valve repairs – https://connect.mayoclinic.org/page/podcasts/newsfeed-post/minimally-invasive-surgery-for-mitral-valve-repair/

Is a heart cath something that you are willing to do to determine pulmonary hypertension? Have you sought a second opinion with someone who may feel confident to due the procedure?

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Hello Amanda and thank you for the reply and information. I would be willing to undergo a heart cath if it would resolve questions and my concerns about what might be going on with my right side elevated blood pressure. I have read several articles that a right heart cath is the "gold standard" for making that determination. I have a heavy history of cardiac disease, family member with bypass surgery and heart valve replacement, most well before my age of 64. I have not sought a 2nd opinion for this. Thank you again for the information and response.

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