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Non-Anxiety "Panic Attacks" with POTS?

Heart Rhythm Conditions | Last Active: Aug 23, 2020 | Replies (10)

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Interesting that you mentioned more salt in diet for heart rhythm issues. I had catheter ablation 2003 at Mayo Clinic for SVT. And my PA assisting my EP cardiologist suggested more salt in diet to increase blood volume which helps suppress arrhythmias. Glad to hear this commented on after all this time. Most people I tell thought I was nutty or heard PA wrong. Thanks for confirming I am not nuts. 😊

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@texas14 The sodium (salt) helps with low blood pressure that can come with POTS. I don't know if it does help with the rhythm of the heart. I was underweight when struggling with the low bp. My fast heart rate has happened since I was a child… no matter if I was underweight or overweight or within range with my weight.. or if my bp was in range. The fast heart rate has happened with this salty diet.. but I don't eat salty everyday.. that may make a difference. So far the doctors tell me nothing to be concerned about yet with the fast heart rate. I go through heart test ever once in awhile.

POTS effects the young… teenagers mostly. I am far from that 😁

If it feels like a panic attack it can be scary. I have not been out in public much the past few years and I get panic attacks when I get around many people. I actually ran out of a store a few months back.. before this covid started. Out in the open and a few good breathes and I was okay. I could not bring myself to go back in the store though.

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