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azurite (@azurite)

Non-Anxiety "Panic Attacks" with POTS?

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@azurite I don't have POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), but have a some of the symptoms. My bp tends to be low and my heart beats fast for no reason at times. I think diet is one of the main things that is going to help you. Sodium helps… salty foods and not eating many processed foods. You could take salt tablets. I haven't done that yet. Instead of 4 meals a day divide the food into 4-5 meals.

I did a very quick search and these are good articles. I saw there are some videos on youtube that might be worth watching too.
I am sure there are more post on this site regarding the subject. … if you haven't tried the search option at top of page try it… try POTS and if no results try full term of Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.

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Interesting that you mentioned more salt in diet for heart rhythm issues. I had catheter ablation 2003 at Mayo Clinic for SVT. And my PA assisting my EP cardiologist suggested more salt in diet to increase blood volume which helps suppress arrhythmias. Glad to hear this commented on after all this time. Most people I tell thought I was nutty or heard PA wrong. Thanks for confirming I am not nuts. 😊

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