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beachgal (@beachgal)

Just diagnosed with PICS...help!

Intensive Care (ICU) | Last Active: Nov 18, 2020 | Replies (7)

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Hi beach.I had terrifying thoughts of all kinds of toture that left me wondering what was real and or imagined. Bad dreams or bad drugs? I think for me it was the combination of a sudden lack of control, large amounts of iv drugs,neglect by a charge nurse,and the illness itself of not breathing and recieving the intubation and ultimatly tracheostomy. I also found comfort in my animal friends. I have found no person locally who can treat me yet, find interesting information from Vanderbuilt University where they have a great Post I.C.U. support group. Here is some info I found both triggering and helpful.Please make sure you are o.k to hear about others experiences before watching the video. Nancy Andrews has wrote and even drew pictures regarding her stay and speaks so well. Hope it helps. Sorry no links allowed they say. O.K. well there is info on Vanderbuilt University websire.

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Hi @trauma57, welcome. I noticed that you wished to post a link to a YouTube video with your message. You will be able to add URLs to your posts in a few days. There is a brief period where new members can't post links. We do this to deter spammers and keep the community safe. Clearly the link you wanted to post is not spam, so allow me to post it here.

NOTE: As @trauma57 says, this video may be helpful, but it may also be triggering.

Trauma, can you share a bit more about yourself? What led to your being in ICU?