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Hello @daveywavey, I would like to add my welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect along with @dandl48 and other members. I have BPH but am lucky enough to have it controlled by medications so far but understand the decision to have the treatment can be stressful. There is another discussion you might find helpful -- Follow up after proton beam treatment: GREAT PSA NUMBER: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/great-psa-number/

You also might be interested in the following Mayo Clinic - Proton Beam Therapy Program - FAQs: https://www.mayoclinic.org/departments-centers/proton-beam-therapy-program/sections/frequently-asked-questions/gnc-20187695

Are you able to discuss your concerns - pros and cons with your doctor?

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Thanks John, for the information and for being a volunteer mentor. I'm getting closer to a choice for treatment and this site sure helps. I have talk to several doctors (surgeons and radiation oncologist). I know I'm in good hands either way. Best to you Dave

I have started radiation treatment for prostate cancer at Methodist in St Louis park. I am also using a hormone drug. I will be starting week 4 this Monday
I've heard about the proton therapy but after I made the decision to do this one. My care providers have been excellent. Problem is side effects, constipation and inability to urinate
Is it feasible to switch to the proton treatment at this stage?