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@johneckenrode11 I have also had bouts of depression during my life, and am just now starting to get some new help for it. In addition to a mild anti-depressant, I have had one appt with a psychologist so far. Like you, time and finances have a way of getting in our way to health. I looked up both CBT and DBT differences, and found this article from PsychCentral https://psychcentral.com/lib/whats-the-difference-between-cbt-and-dbt/

From Positive Psychology.com, comes this list of books https://positivepsychology.com/cbt-cognitive-behavioural-therapy-books/

Be gentle on yourself. Remember that any changes take time, sometimes a lot of time! You may not notice any difference at first, and indeed others may see something before you do, whether they say anything, or not. I find that keeping a journal helps me document things i notice about myself, besides allowing me to "let it all out" in written form. There are several ways that people deal with getting back to a healthy mental state. Exercise, art therapy, gardening, writing, medications, therapy, or a combination of different methods.

Will you let me know what you decide to do, and tell me your journey, please?

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Thanks again Ginger, and yes I will keep you and the group following this thread posted on what direction I plan to take!