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@lgerkin I found a few links that may be of interest. One of them suggests that malfunctioning SI joints can also contribute to a problem like this. I know that my pelvis goes out of alignment because of the SI joints and my physical therapist assesses and adjusts this, so you might ask your therapist if your pelvis is aligned properly and if it stays that way or shifts.. The others are about case studies of a similar problems. The link from MSK Neurology explains problems that can contribute to similar symptoms from other sources. I realize your imaging shows calcification of tendons. It may be possible that your pain is coming from more than one source, so it may be work asking if there is also any nerve impingement between tight muscle groups as described by the MSK neurology article. Have they assesses your lumbar spine for any possible issues?

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Thank you, I'll definitely check out the links. I did have an MRI of the lumbar area and it didn't show any indication of nerve impingement or other issues that may contribute to the pain (mild to moderate DJD but otherwise pretty good). I just saw my doctor today for a follow up from the cortisone injections and he thought there may be issues in some deeper areas around the ischial tuberosity that the ultrasound didn't show. He ordered an MRI of the pelvic area, so that should hopefully clear up some things. I'll mention the SI joints and take a look at the sites you shared.

@migizii thank you for all this information! As I journey into the world of arthritis and already have a hip replacement ad mid foot fusion I am recovering from, I am having strange pain symptoms coming from these areas. I will definitely tell my PT about it!