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Hi Kelly – thanks so much for your reply and for the helpful article on nutraceuticals. I wasn't at all familiar with them but am seeing posts that discuss the benefits of enzymes, so I'll definitely mention this to my doctor. Currently, I'm taking 5 mg of Flexeril in the evenings. It helps, but only a little and has a negative effect on m mood, so it's not a long term solution. The dosage is for 3/day but that would be way too sedating for my comfort. Ideally, I'd like to heal the tendons and the partial tear, not cover it up with pain relieving products (although right now, pain relief sounds pretty good). I can't take aspirin or other NSAIDs because of the blood thinner. Lidocaine doesn't help much either, unfortunately. I'm trying to be hopeful that there's a treatment that will work and I'm open to suggestions. Thanks again:)

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I started having excruciating right sit bone pain especially when driving for over an hour and sitting on an air plane or after sitting on a hard surface about 10 years ago. I found sitting with a small Samonsite lumbar travel pillow under my right glute really helps. I thought the pain was due to a pinched piriformis and started doing alot of piriformis stretches (yoga pigeon pose). After I sold my car and walked more & took public trans, the pain was reduced. Once I bought another car due to COVid, and was driving alot more, the pain gradually increased. I was doing yoga every day and due to flexibility, probably over stretched certain tendons. Chiropractor every week too for back & hip pain.
Due to increasing chronic recent lower back, hip, groin pinching and thigh pain, my doctor ordered lumbar & hip MRI’s — the hip MRI was more alarming & revealed a torn hip labrum, bilateral hamstring tendinosis and partial left hamstring origin detachment and a tear in right hamstring. I have been in physical therapy for 3 months which has helped my lower back stabbing pains but my hip, thigh, groin & glute pain increased dramatically. The Hip MRI results came later and I believe some of the pt helping my lumbar made my hip & hamstrings worse. I was in alot of pain and skipped my PT session for a week; I started icing my hip & sit bone region using an xl back brace wrapped around my hip and glute and it helps. Also wearing my compression-like bike shorts with the padded butt under my jeans and at PT really helped. Squats, glute exercises, are out). My physical therapist modified the PT exercises to focus on my hamstrings; did special stretches and light pressure massage on my hamstrings last week which also was beneficial focus on hamstrings. The new PT home exercise plan seems to be helping with some pain reduction. I avoid sitting for longer than a half hour and also make sure to bend my knees slightly if I bend over otherwise the right sit bone/glute hurts. I have decided to see a Orthopaedic hip specialist and/or a Dr specializing in hamstring injury for second opinion on healing or repair options. A pain roll-on “Stop Pain” offers some relief and very short stints on the treadmill. I don’t do cortisone injections due to allergic reaction.