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Hand held microphones that can be used with hearing aids

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Wow, a lot of info and thanks so much. I am going to check out the phonak microlink and research the mini mics so I may have to come back to you with a question. For now I will look at a new loop as I have to be careful with these earlinks, which I don't think are made anymore. I don't even remember how old they are . I like to keep them at home attached to my Captel.

That woman's comment is such a typical one. Some people assume you are not smart because you don't always get things right away. I have had similar comments made to me over the years which is why I developed such a pro active assertive stance towards people regarding my hearing. Maybe our puzzled expressions add to their misconception so I am always careful to look intelligent and not too confused. We assume everyone knows about hearing loss but that isn't true. I remember when my father was on life support and the female doctor was addressing all her comments to my then husband. I told her in no uncertain terms to address them to me even if I needed to ask her to repeat. I think that may have been the beginning of my new approach to people.

Thanks again,
FL Mary

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You're very welcome. I don't think the Phonak microlink is made anymore, but not sure. When BT tech started to enter the scene, a lot of older technologies were eliminated. The Roger device is BT. I think the ML was basically an FM system. It worked great though. I am sure there are several other devices available that I've not used, nor do I know about. It's interesting to hear what others are using. I still promote FM technology in some instances.

Yes, people tend to talk around us when they know we don't hear. Sometimes I do depend on my husband, but that should be my choice and suggestion. My progressive hearing loss was diagnosed when I was 21. I was told then, that hearing aids would not hellp me. CIs were not even on the scene then. I did not get hearing aids until I was in my mid 30s, so many people in our community simply thought I was not very sharp. I knew that and felt that, but there wasn't much I could do. Discovering SHHH/HLAA when I was 40 turned my life around. So thankful! That is where I learned most of what I know. It helped so much to meet and get to know so many other people like me. I had always felt very much alone….which is tough on a natural extrovert. Now, I'm a bit of both extrovert and introvert. ­čÖé