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Is it too early to tell if the new vaccine being tested for Covid is safe for transplants?

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@jerrynord, I believe it is still too early for any safety decision about the COVID-19 vaccine. When I as at Mayo in June, (a long time ago by COVID-19 time) I asked my PA about the potential for a safe vaccine for us transplant recipients. Her reply was that the transplant doctors are watching it closely. I am completely confident that if/when a vaccine is approved and available, that we will will be able to turn to our transplant team for guidance.

Jerry, right now, I am thinking about the annual flu shot, and will get it when it is available in my area. Prevention is always our best defense, and as transplant recipients we are ahead of the general public because we already know the importance of hand washing, safe distancing, and not handshaking, etc.
Jerry, It is great talking to you. How are you spending your days while staying safe?

@jerrynord Hi and the latest I heard from my Doctors is that for us transplant patients we can't get a live type vaccine so probably not for a while. But this is so new im sure we will be hearing more as time goes by.
Have a blessed day