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@azdan99, Thank you for bringing up the topic of shingles shot. It is a good reminder for all of us to keep our immunizations up to date. Have you had the opportunity to discuss it with your doctor yet?

@azdan99, I want to commend you for how well you have taken care of yourself and your heart transplant for 17 years. You are an expert by experience and I have a question for you. What advice do you have for someone who is starting out with a new transplanted organ?

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I have an appointment in September. I will discuss at that time.

Advice for new transplant patients:
1. Listen carefully to instructions from your Team. Take notes and ask questions. Get their instructions in writing.
2. Never hesitate to ask any question, no matter how simple. I always challenge my doctors. They are not perfect.
3. Take you meds religiously. I have alarms set on my phone. Make sure your support person knows your med schedule. Keep a copy of your med schedule inyour wallet.
4. If your health changes suddenly, talk with your Team ASAP. There should be someone on call 24/7 that is paid to answer your call. Share with your support person.
5. Stay positive!!! Rely on your faith for comfort.

There is probably more, but this is a good start.