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HPV Questions

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Hi @betsyp Thank you for joining Mayo Connect and welcome! You are correct in saying there are not many groups currently discussing Human papillomavirus (HVP) right now, but that's not to say people are not experiencing it. You will notice that I added your discussion to the women's health group and the men's health group to reach more members in related discussions. I understand your heightened concerned and that it is and can be a very big deal for people diagnosed with HPV-16 or 18. I am also so sorry that your boyfriend broke up with you because of this. One of the most important aspects of coping with HPV, and helping partners develop a good understanding of the virus, is getting factual information and avoiding myths and hype. It may also be a good idea to have resources to which you can direct him, so you know he can turn to trustworthy sources for information. (National Cervical Cancer Coalition NCCC). I highly recommend seeking out brochures or a second opinion because even though having been diagnosed with HPV 18 you were recently cleared, correct? Even in people whose HPV persists, the time from infection with a high-risk HPV type to the development of cancer is generally measured in years IF at all. Most specialists I have seen say upwards of 10 and that is only if the infection persists. I hope some of the information below will ease your mind a little.

This is a great go to page for sharing real and important, sometimes overlooked information about HVP.

I highly recommend reading this article and scrolling to the section labeled "HPV Is Common, Yet Commonly Misunderstood" https://www.everydayhealth.com/hpv/what-are-hpv-16-18/

In this study it shows that 92% of the US specimens tested positive at one time or another.

I will continue to help you research and if I find additional information I am more than happy to share. Betsy, can you tell me, did you doctor find this diagnosis while performing a routine PAP or were you having symptoms?

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Thank you, Amanda. I appreciate you looking for information for me. My doctor discovered the HPV-18 when doing a routine pap and HPV test. The pap was normal, so I wouldn't have known about the HPV diagnosis if she hadn't done the HPV test in conjunction. This diagnosis was just a few months ago. The HPV hasn't cleared, although I hope that it will in 1-2 years.

The first two articles you linked are very good, although they didn't contain new information for me. I understand that the likelihood of cancer developing is relatively low, and I can have regular paps to look for changes in the cells. But there doesn't seem to be any testing available for men, so they are unable to be vigilant about checking for cellular changes.

I still have the same questions I first posted, so maybe I will get more responses.

I was tested positive for hpv 16 ...after 2 years later I did another pap test I was all cleared no detection everything was normal...

I have hpv also diabetes with it is that worse on the hpv ty Diana