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jimb1950 (@jimb1950)

Bladder ureteral obstruction/stricture

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I’m completely plugged up can’t go at all hence the catheter.

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Hi jimb1950. I too became completely blocked in January 2019 due to BPH. Had catheter for several months and then Bipolar Turp. About 2 months after the surgery was having issues again and doctor diagnosed bladder neck constriction from scar tissue formation and also a small urethral stricture. Had surgery again in July (Bladder neck incisions) to relieve the scar formation and at the same time they dilated the urethral stricture (since the urethral stricture was small, Dr felt that was worth a try over urethroplasty which is better for larger strictures he said). Surgery went well and been good since then – a little over a year has passed now. Recovery was smooth with little to no discomfort. Back to work in about 1 week. Keep us posted on what the Dr. recommends.