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anyone feel more burning/numbness when sitting

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I have small fiber peripheral polyneuropathy, and my feet very quickly hurt way worse when I sit or lie down. I haven't found out why that is. Today, in town for my wife's doctor appointment, my feet hurt around 5 when I walked through Costco, but sitting in the car waiting for my wife, they went to 7. I got a blanket and a bag of cushion stuff (to protect things we buy) from the trunk, to rest my feet on. It helped a little, but I have to keep changing my position. When we got home to my recliner, the pain level went up to 8 or 9. Part of the pain is a burning sensation, part is the feeling of being squeezed, some stabbing, and contact pain.

It's kind of strange that they hurt more, sitting or lying, than when walking. Standing still makes them hurt, too.

Do you have a diagnosis of why you have burning pain? Any medication that helps? My doctors – PCP, neurologists and pain specialist – have really worked with me to find a treatment for my sfn, with very little long term success. Some things have reduced the pain, but only for a few months. My spinal cord stimulator is the one thing that has given me significant relief. It's not doing much right now, but spinal stenosis may be interfering. I'll find out if that's true when I have back surgery in September, and to what extent it's interfering. Like you, I've tried every medication the doctors have prescribed.

Did the links John shared give you any helpful information? I hope you can find some answers to the cause and treatment of your pain.


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Hi @jimhd @maryv449. I noticed my pain is more when I sit also. Perhaps it is because we are not mobile. When we walk the exercise promotes better circulation..,,,just a thought.

Have you researched thiamine for your small fiber peripheral polyneuropathy? Also vitamin D may offer relief for the spinal stenosis along with boron. Both thiamine and vitamin D require sufficient magnesium for activation. A deficiency of active thiamine can be an overlooked cause for burning feet and peripheral neuropathy. As you search on "krispin magnesium" you'll find pain on the list of causes for magnesium. Search on " Is Thiamine Deficiency Destroying Your Digestive Health? Why B1 Is ESSENTIAL For Gut Function". Also research glutathione to reduce inflammation..