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Bronchiectasis and diet

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Don, I concur with the gut-lung axis theory. I have been on a WFPB (whole food plant based) diet for a couple of years now, and recommend it for general good health. We have been trained for decades to believe animal protein is essential to good health, not true in my opinion. There are a couple of good books out there that explains the WFPB diet very well, "How Not to Die" and "The China Study". Also a good documentary is "The Game Changers" on Netflix. Bill

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@poodledoc Yes, that is a good documentary. My son Pete (age 42) recommended it to me to watch. He and his lovely Portuguese wife do only plant based and feel quite well on it. My son is a prime candidate for MAC due to having had chest surgery at age three (pectus excavatum )and chronic sinus infections. Since going plant based his sinus infections have decreased in amount and severity. He is a math and physics teacher working in an old school building (until Covid19). Plant based is a healthy way to eat! irene5

Hi @poodledoc ...I am in total agreement with your approach to health and am currently on my 3rd read of The China Study. There is so much good information in that book. For anyone reading this post...I too have had excellent results with my health since transitioning from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet several years ago. My shortness of breath is barely discernable, mucus is down and I have had no illness or even a cold since embracing a vegan, Whole Food Plant-Based Diet. I must admit the positives from the elimination of dairy and eggs have been very noticeable but the true reason for my change was to do no harm to any living animal. As I look at my cats and dog I know all living creatures deserve compassion....and I could no longer pay for someone else to do carnage.
Anyway, for me....no sugar, a very small amount of oil sourced from avocado or olive, no alcohol, gluten-free and total plant-based. I do cheat and have a little of Amy's gluten-free vegan pizza once a week. Ha! Gotta have some fun!! I have been wanting to tune into the Game Changers and will look that up now at your recommendation. Thank you...Bill!

Poodledoc, what you read and what you watch makes clear you know your way around the world of healthful eat ing. Don

Am watching 'The Game Changers' now.