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Bronchiectasis and diet

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Would you share your recipe for kimchi and let us know how you manage to eat 2-3 ounces a day? Thanks!

I also try to drink kombucha every day, kefir when I can and I keep a good supply of probiotics capsules to take every day. I’ve basically given up dairy, gluten, sugar and alcohol except for the odd glass of red wine. I was never much of a meat eater so that’s been easy. My beverages of choice have become filtered water with apple cider vinegar and/or tea made from fresh lemon juice and ginger root.

Since this is a thread on diet, I won’t even start on other ways I’ve changed my life since I decided to try to take control of my “recovery”. Thanks again to everyone on this forum for all the helpful information that has enabled me to do this.

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Thanks Kahyhg for asking my questions re Kimchi! Is having bronchiectasis your primary motivator for the diet you speak of?

I eat a “weird” prelim breakfast ‘cause my wife’s a night owl and sleeps late and also because I take a morning pill which is done with food per directions. The “weird” part is the ingredients I’ve assembled: a slice of Ezekiel Cinnamon/Raisin toasted topped with a schemer of peanut butter with a “patina” of fruit jam and a handful of fresh blueberries. Between “bites” I have spoonful of kimchi; it clears the palate. Recipe to follow. Don

Kathy, I’m unable to post on the Mayo forum from my PC and I’m loath to undertake the task on my iPhone since I’m a single finger typist on that device. However, if you are comfortable sending me your email address I can get it to you that way. If you’re uneasy with that I understand.

Hi! My bronchiectasis digressed drastically when I picked up two bacteria recently. It has been a wake up call. I feel like I’ll never get better, but have to be helpful and, definitely, more proactive. I would love to know all that you have learned and are doing to live with this disease, if you are willing! Aloha from Hawaii-

So how are those changes working for you?

@kathyhg I am curious to learn about other changes you’ve made aside from diet that have helped?