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Bronchiectasis and diet

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@ckscoville I have always heard that, but never noticed it myself, unless I consume a lot of dairy in a single day, then my saliva seems more "slimy". It seems not to affect the mucus I clear from my lungs using either the airway device or neb.

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Sue, Don't know if you get to see or review all so I am sending you this also for your thoughts.
I was doing less meat, low fat yogurt, low fat in general, very little dairy, mostly grains, beans, good oils and vitamins that we know we need D, C, Zinc etc. etc. . Meaning I was not doing the average American Diet of steak and potatoes....so to speak.
I have lost nearly 40 lbs now....vs. the 30lbs originally at the time of diagnosis.
Having listened to the NJH dietian this past week via NTMir You Tube I thought, before watching the dietian from NJH, I was doing right by not having fat and as well less animal protein etc. etc. Turns out from what she indicated I am not eating right in order to gain weight.....and therefore the reason for my not gaining weight and losing more weight ever since I started walking two miles a day. She stated it is a diet for underweight bronchiectasis patients whose immune system is in overdrive. She indicated those who need to put on weight need to think in terms of the average American diet of steak and potatoes and especially fast absorbing carbohydrates.
I felt good and have been strong all along since this problem surfaced. It is that I just have the constant time consuming task of clearing the mucus all day long. I have been using nebulizer and aerobika since November 2023.

I realize we are all different and there are different philosophies (be it professionals or individuals) about many things and we have to decide what is best for us.

I may need to give greater thought to it all, expecially the dairy. ANY THOUGHTS to share about it all.