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@marianm44, the videos you're looking for were posted in this discussion:
– Mysterious shortness of breath https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/mysterious-shortness-of-breath/

Finding the videos in that lengthy discussion can be a challenge, so I'm really glad you started this new discussion where members can post breathing video that have helped them. I'll get us started with this one:

Pursed lip breathing (American Lung Association)

Have these exercises helped you Marian? How?

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Replies to "@marianm44, the videos you're looking for were posted in this discussion: - Mysterious shortness of breath..."

@gabrielm @merpreb do you have other videos to add?

Here is a suggestion from Dr. Weil:
Minimize irritants. Pollution, bacteria, viruses, molds, chemical and gas fumes…all can aggravate your lungs. Use a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter at home to filter out irritants, especially if you have pets. Opt for natural cleaning agents as opposed to ones that may irritate the lungs.
Eat antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. Apples, oranges and tomatoes can nourish the lungs, and the carotenes in carrots, yellow squash and dark leafy greens may help protect against lung cancer.
Exercise. Regular fitness strengthens breathing muscles and improves the respiratory system while adding a detoxifying effect. If you have lung problems, talk with your physician about a fitness program best suited for you.
*****Do breathing exercises. Try taking slow, deep, regular breaths, and extend each exhalation to squeeze out more air. Make this a daily habit.
Stop smoking. Avoid first- and second-hand smoke. Both can lead to all sorts of respiratory damage including lung cancer development.
Clean out your lungs. Drinking pure water can help to rid your lungs of germs, irritants and toxins. Also seek out parks in your area or other outdoor venues where you are most likely to enjoy clean, fresh air at least several times a week – or daily, if possible.

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