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The way it works for me is that my cardiologist orders the test and the radiologist follows those orders. If you have been prescribed a chemical stress test by your cardio and the radiologist doesn't think that is safe, I think you need to go back to your cardiologist to discuss.

I have always understood that AFib is a (very) rapid heartbeat, not missed beats. I think missed beats are not as serious as AFib but this is another discussion to have with your cardio.

And in the meantime, I would follow direction to not exercise or lift even 25 lbs.

This is a learning process for all of us and I always make a list of issues I don't understand or questions I have.

I wish you good luck with all of this. You will feel better once you have more details.


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has been referred to irregular irregular Atrial fibrillation for the past 25 years, Had 2 unsuccessful conversion attempts.
Also have central mixed apnea, and use CPAP and a bit of traumatic brain injury with a lot of fractured body parts.
I was asking about what part of Nuclear Chemical Stress test isn't Stress,,,lol thanks

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