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Sudden Hearing Loss: Want to connect with others

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I have a Caption Call phone and it is pretty good. Main problem is that it often does not print out what is being said accurately. This is really an issue when dealing with banks and businesses where numbers are important. I have learned to always tell people at the beginning of the conversation about my hearing loss, the phone and ask them to speak clearly, slowly. Most people are very helpful but tend to forget as the conversation goes on. As of three weeks ago I can no longer hear anything even with hearing aids so I really rely on this phone. I also am doing a lot more business stuff online…. another learning curve.

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@judyca7 I am amazed to see you talking about being able to print out the conversation on your Caption Call! I do find it ever so useful to have the other speaker's comments permanently recorded on my phone screen but was never aware of any possibility of recording them! I wonder if this is an option that only Caption Call has. I can easily find out by calling Captel. Perhaps it's an option that is only available in their most recent models. When the print out is not accurate, can you then consult your phone screen and correct the errors in the print out?

Good that you are asking for clarification on those conversations. Also that you are upfront about your hearing issues. I wonder if your hearing aids have activated telecoil components in them? You say you're not hearing well with them, but the telecoil mode might make a big difference for you. While telecoils can connect hearing aids to many audio devices, they were first devised to connect to telephones; thus the name telecoil. Have you mentioned this sudden hearing loss of three weeks ago to your hearing healthcare provider?