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Sudden Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss | Last Active: Dec 31, 2020 | Replies (46)

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In September of this year I lost most of my hearing in my left ear. There was no trauma or anything, just a regular day – I am 26 years old with no medical conditions.
I have since met with many Doctors, had an MRI, and CT scan – all unable to give me any answers that could explain my hearing loss. Has anyone experienced anything like this or know somebody who has? I am just so confused how this could have happened, my hearing has not improved at all.

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What kind of Doctors? Where? Do you wear ear buds a lot at high volume? Did you have a COVID test?

Viruses might be the culprit since they live and thrive in our senses. Since we are in the world of influenza and covid right now, I wouldn't be surprised if this could be the cause. Research is taking place right now on how these RNA and DNA bugs interfere in our body's defenses and immune system as well as how they set up shop in parts of our organs.

@megwest512 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You have lost hearing in your left ear and providers are unable to find a cause.

You will see that I have moved your question into a discussion where members have previously discussed sudden hearing loss. I did this so you could more quickly connect and get support. You will notice members like @tonyinmi @julieo4 @sparklegram @ellen307 @imallears have experience with the topic of hearing loss and may be a good resource for you. I also encourage you to scroll back through the comments to find previously shared suggestions.

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May I ask what the next step is regarding provider appointments?

@megwest512, this is not uncommon but unfortunately, not well understood. There is only a small window for steroids to be effective, usually about 4 to 5 weeks after onset. I did develop sudden loss of taste and smell so made an appointment with an ENT immediately. I was prescribed a steroid but it had no affect. An MRI revealed nothing unusual. I thought I was going to have to live with the symptoms but I slowly regained my sense of taste and smell. It took almost a year before the senses returned. I hope the same happens with your hearing. If you do not regain the hearing, do not wait too long to do something about it. A hearing aid may help but a cochlear implant may be a better solution. Keep us posted.
Tony in Michigan

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