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@justkiddingkim6, I am not surprised to hear more about anxiety as a side effect of Metoprolol, because over the past five years, quite a number of its users have mentioned such problems. Neither my wife nor I have met that dark path, since we haven't used the drug. But both of us have used other beta blockers with no similar experiences. We also have heard repeated complaints about Metoprolol side effects when patients using it have dropped it abruptly or too fast or without coordinating with their whole medical team, not just their cardiologist or other doctor who prescribed it. Incidentally, a range of other beta blockers produce the same side effects with quick termination of the drug or failure to coordinate withdrawal effectively. You have me thinking about another factor — exercise — as a therapy for anxiety and even depression — not exceedingly active exercise, but balanced programs that build confidence in both body and soul without excessive strain. My wife is a great example of this, as well as an apostle of exercise that she preaches I should follow. As you can tell, we have only swum the surface of this complex pool of symptoms. We haven't dived into them and felt the pressure of being deep among them, so maybe we just don't comprehend problems others experience. On the other hand, it may be that we have been helped to develop confidence and reassurance with the help of a multi-faceted medical team who are easy to talk with, who consult widely among peers in other branches of medicine, and who encourage us to pursue second opinions whenever we seem to need them. Does any of this sound familiar? Martin

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I am trying now to work with my primary care physician and the physician assistant in cardiology. They have come up with two medications which I will look up and let you know what they are. I am totally against adding medication to counteract another medication side effects. I am more for switching the meds than adding meds. Thus, the reason for this post. I have been told by the doctor that these meds don’t cause anxiety so I want to hear from others who have actually taken the meds if they have experienced this before I start adding meds. I remember reading from this site that anxiety was experienced with only 25mg of metoprolol and I am on 100mg per day. I also have not had anyone say they have been on Flecainide, which I am also interested in.