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No decision yet. I find it difficult to comprehend all the facts in the studies. There are so many variables. When I saw there were studies on Ostoporosis Med. and people with AMD, I felt I needed to research more before going back on the Osteoporosis Med. Especially since Dr. recommends me taking twice the dosage as before. My bone scan in June showed a slight improvement taking diagnosis back to Osteopenia stage. I was on for two years and ask to be taken off due to a lot of problems with acid reflux. I had been on Actonel many years ago for about 6-8 years but Dr. agreed then I should go off it. I take calcium and V-D daily. When I went on Alendronate 2 years ago it conincidently was when my AMD went from Dry to Wet in left eye and now that eye is really bad. I received Eyelea injections in it every 4 weeks and Avastin in right eye every 8 weeks. If my right eye worsens, it will severly affect anything I can still do requiring some sight. Since I am active, exercise, eat pretty good, I am thinking I will not go back on Alendronate until I can judge better how my AMD is. I am just to skeptical. I do not want to influence anyone as all situations are different. This is just my particular situation.

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@sut I’m with you on this. I take Vit d3 and k2 daily plus gym classes and exercise and walking and good healthy diet.

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