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What should I do in my situation?

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I used to see a therapist, didn't do much, and cognitive behavioral therapy I have heard of, but never really tried it. And how would I go about taking care of my health with planning my future, because there's not much time left.

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@210030sa I read your post and colleen's response . Id like to add first you can get a complete physical then eat a vegetarian diet mostly fruit and veggie chicken or fish is good but try to stay away from a lot of red meat . Exercise also you can do this in between getting ready for college

@210030sa First, welcome to Mayo Connect! As you have already read, we are quite a group of supportive people here! I am sorry but I have to disagree with you, when you say there's not much time left to get a handle on your health and College. You have started your journey with us today, and you have looking out to the future, a long ways ahead of you. What you wrote was very intelligently put down, and we all know the struggles that growing up can hand us. Deciding to take charge of making yourself healthier, and getting yourself on the journey to entering College, shows that you are positively thinking in my mind. You may have to do some extra work to get into a college of your choosing, but because you have already shown to yourself and others that you can pull good grades when you want to, use that to motivate yourself now. You already have a suggestion of possibly thinking of a two-year College to start with, and that's a brilliant idea! That would keep a lot of the pressure that you feel you are putting on yourself away, and would let you get your self into a better space physically and emotionally.

May I suggest that before you start any dramatic program to get healthier, you should get a physical check-up to see exactly where you are at. Are your parents people you can talk to comfortably? I am sure that they would want to be on your side and encouraging you as you take this new chapter in your life and run with it. Enlist the help of relatives or friends or neighbors to keep you accountable, because I know that from my personal experience that that really helps.

We are sitting in the grandstand cheering you on! You know you can do this! Please come back and talk to us.

What in the hell!!!!!! WHO SAYS THAT THERE IS NOT MUCH TIME LEFT? So what. Live your life helping others and as many as you can. The more people you help the more you help yourself no matter how much time there is. At these moments in my life even helping a needy animal is glorius. We are going to die anyway. Be useful to yourself as well as the others. And if I am wrong I am on my knees and do sincerely appologise.