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My mother in law's infections: MSRA

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@mom2378 Hi and welcome to Connect I can understand your concern and I have a couple of suggestions. I'm not a Doctor just someone that has had medical issues and try to help based on my own experiences. I have not had the surgeries mentioned but have had issues with viruses that we're causing multiple problems mostly with my blood counts. But my best advice is that I was treated at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix and last year at this time was pretty sick in the Hospital for 5 weeks while they searched for a solution to my problems. I have since been cared for by .Mayo clinic during my Heart transplant have really been impressed with the ability of there Doctors to have a I will not give up until a solution is found attitude that I would recommend them to anyone. They also have the ability to bring in and specialty available to solve a problem. So if your looking for a second opinion I would recommend.them. they have 3 campuses to look to 1 in Minnesota, Florida and Phoenix. They take a team approach which I think is a great benefit for the patient. I hope that helps and im also sure that others in this community may have more specific suggestions.
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Thank you for your reply. I would love to take her there however not sure transporting her there is an option right now.