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I’m am in receipt of my first dose of Evenity. I am to start it on January 1. I’m very nervous but I do not have any history of stroke or heart attack and I am super healthy and workout with weights and cardio my whole life so I’m hopeful that I will be okay and have a positive outcome. Can you give us an update? You had no side effects?
Thanks so much and god bless,

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I have had 6 months of injections and so far so good, with no side effects. I also met someone at the infusion center where I go, and she also has had no side effects and has taken almost a year. I have my next scan in May and am hoping that my numbers improve significantly, especially in my spine.
Not sure whether you are aware, the injections are in the back of each arm, so I would recommend wearing a short sleeved shirt so that it’s easier.
Good Luck and please keep us updated.

@sarahw02 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, a place to give and get support.

You started your first dose of Evenity on January 1st and you were nervous beforehand. You are looking to connect with others that have taken Evenity.

Below I have linked another previous discussion related where members like @nancyguy @contentandwell @arlene7 this topic. You may want to scroll through the posts and read suggestions.
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You said that you had swelling. May I ask if that resolved?