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I have been on Evenity for almost a year and just had a bone density test so not sure if it works. My insurance does pay for it though. I will follow up with the results of my test. I have lost almost 4 inches of height so I wish there was something that would help. I also have severe scoliosis which affects my balance. I need a new spine!!!

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Hoping that the test results show an improvement! Also you mentioned that you have lost 4 inches in height…is this after taking Evenity or just in a course of years? What other measures (exercise, supplements) are you doing?

I just found this email thread and am interested if you ended up taking Evenity. I also have Osteoporosis and severe lumbar scoliosis along with Ankylosing Spondylitis. I need to have a major back surgery too. It sounds like you need the same. I’m just getting cleared by my cardiologist to take Evenity so I can have surgery in 6 months. I’m wondering how you made out.
Thanks so much.

I liked your comment being I have the same kind of situation. I also have scoliosis and have fractured my spine recently. I know how it does effect the balance too. I am starting physical therapy soon and have started senior exercises at a local gym. I want to choose Evenity also for the shots. I have been scared of the side effects and Evenity appears to be a better choice with all the other medicines out there. I have yet to make an appointment for the shot. Did you have a bone density test since taking the shot? Does improvement show up on the Bone Density test I wonder? Do you know? Thanks again for your comment.

I have scoliosis too. I have received 11 of my 12 Evenity injections and I'm looking forward to my next dexa. Wish me luck.