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Tacrolimus: Temporary Cessation

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Hi, @gaylea1. Do you ever wonder why these things seem to happen on weekends or holidays?
I send my hopes that you are feeling relief from the pancreatitus. I've not had it and I don't know how long it takes until the pain subsides, however, since my transplant, I have experienced a longer-than-normal recovery or healing time, for anything and everything.

The lab schedule that you have shared sounds confusing. How long does it usually take until you get the results? Will you be able to have your labs drawn this week?

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@rosemarya hi Rosemary. I went into the hospital on the morning of June 22nd and its supposed to be a day surgery but my history with these ERCPs I have no luck. I was admitted directly from surgery. I was there until the afternoon of the 29th. I can't even explain the pain and nausea. I totally lost the first 3 days as I was basically in a morphine stupor. I was sent home with scripts for pain but it was hydromorphine and Tylenol 3 which are pretty strong. I live with my 86 year old mother to help care for her and I didn't want to be on strong meds so I didn't fill them. I've been taking extra strength Tylenol and gravol but they're not helping much. Its now 2 weeks later and I still have pain, bloating and nausea. It could take weeks to recover. I'm going for blood tests tomorrow and the results usually get back to the hospital fairly quickly. I'm just taking .5 mg tac right now after a 5 day hiatus. I'm hoping the tests will show a lower liver enzyme level as they had elevated after my hospital release.