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Please help with sleep problems

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I have trouble sleeping as my mind doesn't seem to turn off. I did notice that when I took higher doses of Melatonin I would get vivid nightmares. Now take 3 mg which works better. Another is spray my pillows and sheets lightly with lavender mist which seems to help.

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Wow talk about different things for different people. I started with 5mg melatonin and doubled it very soon after. I have sleep apnea use a BiPap and had no problem going to sleep or going back to sleep after getting up for the first twenty years. Ive taken several. Sessions on relaxation breathing. I tried CBD OIL and gummies. Finally I bought a OTC melatonin and b6 and calcium supplement. Three weeks and te effect wore off around 4am just as the two previous ones. I found something that has worked for a month so far it's Nature's Bounty Sleep3 I never gave much credance to herbs but here's a long list of them everything Is ever heard suggested plus
Melatonin 10mg. I take it with my night meds and go to bed. I use deep breathing to relax and fall asleep. So far
my daytime fatigue is abating and I'm more alert and
accomplish more. My frequent apneas used to wake me
briefly now I don't notice. I allowed myself to be
medicated for decades and my mental health and acuity is sharper. Now if the pandemic would abate I'd like to be
around more people.

Hi Marjou I hace cronic sleep problems. I am afraid of taking melatonin bc of vivid dreams that I have experience while on it. I have today my appointment at Sleep Medicine at Mayo Clinic. I read you ve had the same problem. How did you manage to use melatonin without having the vivid dreams as a secondary effect