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Hi Chris @artscaping . I join the cold feet club! Often a normal cold but then there is the burning cold. I have no numbness and can sense temperature differences but, go through frozen feet Syndrome (as I call it). Winter is brutal...sherpa lined slippers/boots (bigger size) over loose fuzzy socks. But, when my feet hurt and have pressure and cant be confined I use my microwave heat pack to bring them back. My heat pack is the best, cheapest investment. That and self massage to get those nerves functioning. Have you tried warming massage oils or creams? It happens to me in the summer as well and my feet still turn purple (but not as often as last year). 👍🏻 Hope this helps your little piggies. Be well- Rachel

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Do you have myofacial release on your feet? I do and I'm wondering it that also may help you??

Rachel this is her response to an old post of yours. My feet were chilly this summer but with winter they are freezing. Are use Rockdove slippers in the house but because I have plantar fasciitis they don’t give me enough support. Even putting in an insole doesn’t give me enough so I have to wear my elevated arch athletic shoes which make my feet cold. I try to walk for exercise but the cold pavement is almost more than I can bare. You mentioned Sherpa lined boots. Any particular brand that worked well for you? I appreciate any input as it’s getting cold here in Colorado. Literally, Bcool