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Mac + lung cavity

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Sep 14, 2020 | Replies (83)

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I'm curious. Why? Why vegan??

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I have a doctor who specializes in preventive medicine. One of the three I have – GP, lung specialist and preventive. I stopped horrendous coughing I had for over a year, three days after she got me to take 400 mls of celery juice that was a miracle for me. She supported my 18 months of antibiotics with a few supplements and probiotics on alternate days. After 12 months of antibiotics, she asked me to go plant based basically, and I could also have 2 eggs per week and wild caught salmon 3 times per week – 70 gram portions. At 12 months the cavity was reduced by a quarter. 6 months later the cavity has gone. Still have to see final results 2 years down the track in November. I cannot believe how well I have felt considering I have been taking 11 antibiotics – 3 days per week for 18 months now. Eyes ok, health good, a shock to find the cavity, and surprising to have it gone. I'm also on a spiritual path – but who knows which or may all have contributed to my good health at 77 years. I believe my preventive health doctor has assisted my system to cope with all the antibiotics. My lung doctor says 'it was the antibiotics'. Who knows?

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