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@marjou, I am interested to see that you experienced ECT. I, too, chose to participate in ECT at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. It was amazing in that my fibromyalgia pain completely disappeared! Disappointingly, the pain re-emerged shortly after discontinuation of ECT. I believe that ECT temporarily improved my depression, but the effects were not lasting. I had 8 ECT sessions. I think I should have had more in order to "lock in" the ECT effect; that is what the doctors recommended. My wife and I, however, were both concerned about my immediate, short-term memory losses. I was also having some long-term memory loss. I chose to discontinue treatment after #8. My short-term memory (I think due in part to fibromyalgia and in part due to depression) had not been stellar going into ECT. I still struggle with short-term memory, but I don't think it is ECT related. I'm not certain of the cause of my long-term memory challenges; could be ECT, could be depression and/or could be fibromyalgia (brain MRI is good). I tried Trintellix when it was first made available and it did not improve my depression, but I pray it will help you! Depression is a very skilled battle opponent and it is challenging (and tiring) to fight it and beat it! My hat is off to you and my prayers are with you! We can't give up!

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Thanks for your kind of words of encouragement

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