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Great conversation to start, @marjou though I am sorry you are battling with depression on a daily basis. I know several people (including myself) that have been dealing with depression and anxiety during this pandemic and prior. @stsopoci, @elwooodsdad, @ayeshasharma, @trellg132 and @bookysue, would you like to share some of your tips and coping mechanisms that have or have not worked for you lately?

@marjou, are you currently in a dating situation where you have not shared with them about your depression? Out of the three, family, dates and friends, which do you consider to be your biggest hurdle and why?

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Well where to start to answer your inquiries.
In my situation family has been non communicative nor understanding. True understanding friends are minimal but don't want impose on the friendship with my never ending depression. Had just went dancing a couple of times with a man whose I met through his family. Then pandemic so we had to isolate. We just started seeing each other after both getting negative COVID testing, but my moods have been up and down (mostly down). Prefer not to lead a relationship with my depression nor even know how/when to approach the conversation which is overwhelming.

I try walking a bit, at times 5 minutes is all I can do. Dance a bit at home. Therapy when budget allows. The constant depression, necessary isolation due to pandemic and financial constraints are all contributing factors.