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Rachel, Volunteer Mentor (@rwinney)

Eyes and Neuropathy

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@avmcbellar Thank you for the advice. I may search a new neuro opthamologist. When I was first diagnosed with Small Fiber Polyneuropathy, my research lead me to find there is a cornea confocal microscopic test to prove neuropathy via cornea. as it contains the most small fibers in the body. My neurologist told me no bother because I had skin biopsy and the equipment is so expensive that noone in my area has it. I wonder if Mayo has it? Probably. I just always felt that would be a better look into my neuropathy and eye relationship.

I wanted to mention that I use different shades of sunglasses that fit over my regular glasses. One pair is a lighter tint which I can use inside. Of course, if you are depending on prescription sunglasses, that may get costly. I gave up on prescriptio ones because I needed various shades and was too costly.

I think of you as I type this because it's very challenging….my eyes go screwy and its taxing. I pay for using my eyes but I do it anyway! I too have done the one eye closed bit. I'm so sorry you have to do it all the time. Oh the challenges! If you notice my profile picture…my hat reads SIMPLY STRONG (backwards). I'm so proud to be associated with Connect and be influenced by fellow SIMPLY STRONG people.

Best to you,

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@rwinney Rachel and @avmcbellar (prepare yourselves for possibly dumb question). Just wondering, if you guys occasionally (or often) close one eye to read or see do you think you might benefit by getting an eyepatch? Seems less tiresome than using muscles to keep an eye closed. Also, Rachel, is Simply Strong the fitness outfit based in Oregon? Just wondering. Best, Hank

Hi Rachel @rwinney. Your positive attitude alone will get results for you. I think you are awesome! We do what we need to do to keep going. You won’t know unless you try, is a good attitude to have. Great idea to use a lower tint for sunglasses inside. I am trying to not use any tinting inside for now. I don’t want my use to get used to the darkness. I read long periods of darkness can worsen the photophobia. I did wear shades in the house before. My 20 pound pet house rabbit is almost an adult. We got him 4 months ago. He is currently shedding. His new coat of fur is a much darker shade, lol. I know rabbits try to adapt to their environment to be undetectable for a safety measure. I had no idea how dark the room was.
Closing one eye helps. I take breaks often, but you are right, many times we pay for using our eyes. Difficult to do things without them.