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Eyes and Neuropathy

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Hi Hank @jesfactsmon. You are correct! My arteriovenous malformation ruptured at the connecting point involving 5 blood vessels in my brain. I had 3 surgeries in total for the repair. I was left with neuropathy after my last surgery. It is going on 4 years since my rupture. I believe my eyes will not improve further on their own because I am past the healing stage. That is why the ophthalmologist told me to let my eyes settle at first. Because of the nerve damage, my eyes cannot align, giving me the double vision. On my next visit to the ophthalmologist, I will ask detailed questions about the strabismus surgery and recommendations of surgeons. I was told my surgery would be very sensitive and any over adjustment could lead to double vision in the opposite direction meaning instead of one eye having a higher image that same eye will have a lower image. The surgery will be permanent. No adjustment could be made. The only positive outcome will be that a prism worn in my glasses may help whereas now because of my eye torsion no prism will correct the double vision. I am planning to go through the surgery once I find out more information. Like you had said go for it if the success rate is good. I am hoping after a year or so eye surgery procedures will improve with more favorable outcomes. Thank you for your advice. I appreciate your input and interest. Always a pleasure to hear from you. Let me know if you run across an eye surgeon with a great success rate.

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Will let you know if we come across a particularly good one. My wife may have surgery someday in the not-to-distant-future (probably not soon enough for you though possibly). Since you are in Fla. and we are in Tennessee it might be farther than you want to travel anyway (but maybe not?). But you have all my best wishes for a set of well-aligned pair of eyes after your surgery whenever you do have it.
Best, Hank