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Eyes and Neuropathy

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@jesfactsmon, Hi Hank. Thank you. I am glad you found a solution to beat your motion sickness. It is no fun! For me, I tolerate and do what I need to do to get closer to a resolution. My recovery has been in stages with a slow and positive progression. I went from a wheelchair to a quad cane. I feel it is the motion sickness that is holding me back. My neuropathy resulted from one of my surgical repairs for the AVM. So I am dealing with this additional problem as well. The good news is that it never got worse since the underline issue was the surgery.
Yes, exactly, for the motion sickness I like being still. My husband and I live in the country. The long rides can be difficult depending on the bumpiness of the roads. I like the highways, lol. This coronavirus has taught me to do things virtually more often which has been a great help for me, much easier! Luckily my disability is physical and not cognitive. I am still able to tutor math but now I do more of it online at home. I appreciate the kind words🤓. We do what has to be done to keep going. Wish you well.

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@avmcbellar I am glad you feel you are on a positive trajectory. That's always nice. You refer to AVM. I looked that up and found it stands for Arteriovenous Malformations, is that correct? And you had this in your brain and it ruptured, and it now causes the double vision? Is there any chance it will heal on its own so you would not need the surgery? That would be the best obviously. But I think living with double vision is not acceptable and I'm guessing you'd agree. If the surgery has a reasonably high success rate and you find a surgeon you like, I think I would go for it. Even with a prism it would be a preferable outcome. Sorry, I know no surgery decision deserves a flip answer. Obviously you can only do what you think is best. I wish you all the best with this.