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Eyes and Neuropathy

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I had cataract surgery on both eyes 2 years ago, hoping it would help my night driving vision. That's really no better post surgery. I've been telling my ophthalmologist for several years that I have double vision, and he finally listened a few months ago, and the only treatment offered is a prism in my right lens. Sometimes it brings the images from both eyes into alignment. Oncoming headlights are still awful. He's agreed with me that there could be neuropathic involvement.

I saw him again a few weeks ago, but adjusting the prism just one level didn't make a noticeable difference. Going forward, he said I'll just have to get used to it. I see a single image some of the time, but after I focus for a few seconds, it goes double. Peripheral vision is always double, with the second image below and to the right of the original one, and it doesn't matter which eye I cover – the image in my left eye is in a different place than the right. Maybe I should see if there's a neuro-ophthalmologist anywhere in Oregon.

My eyes get really tired when I read either paper or screen print. But it doesn't seem that there's any solution. I'm starting to hear more often that any problem I have, it doesn't matter what problem, is because I'm getting older. That may be true some of the time, but it's starting to come across as the easiest answer.

I don't use eye drops very often during the day, though it would probably be a good idea, but I use gel drops every night.

I'm not sure what's going to happen with my night driving. It's kind of scary, especially on two lane roads, which is all of them where I live. I don't often drive at night, other than coming home from the evening church service, and it's not scheduled to restart anytime soon.


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@jimhd Hi Jim,
Many people with neurological problems have this kind of vision problem. Have you considered seeing a neuro-opthmalogist? A specialist might be able to provide you with some more suggestions. Were any eye exercises suggested?