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Eyes and Neuropathy

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Hi Rachel. I have neuropathy but do not know if it affects my eyes. I do have a neurological disorder where the nerves cannot control my eye muscles particularly the motion looking inward and downward. Those muscles are stronger in one eye causing each eye to have a different image, hence the double vision. I have learned that eye strain can cause dry eye and photophobia. My double vision is due to the AVM. I was told at first to let my eyes settle down which I did. The distance between the images of each eye improved but they never conformed. After struggling 2 years, I developed the dry eye and photophobia. I have limited the use of sunglasses to only outdoors since total darkness for long periods of time can worsen the condition. Because of the double vision, I experience motion sickness which stops me from many activities. I am hoping to find a surgeon that can correct my eye positions to eliminate the double vision causing the motion sickness.
Sounds like you have also experienced eye strain causing the dryness and photophobia. Have you seen another ophthalmologist for a second opinion In getting any relief? How long have you been dealing with the dryness and photophobia? Did the condition worsen?
My neuro ophthalmologist discussed surgery being a possibility but there are risks involved I need to think about. I am sure you have experienced that too with your eye surgeries. Any surgical procedure to correct my eye muscles will be permanent. I don’t know if this information provided any help for you. Keep searching. I hope you will find answers to help you. Good luck and I wish you well. By the way, I received my new online glasses with the clip-ons for sunglasses. The magnification on each lens is perfect. I like the bifocal lines better because I do not get the dizziness as I did with the progressives.

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@avmcbellar I can empathise about your feelings of motion sickness from double vision. I don't deal with it now but experienced it in 1999 when I had a sudden attack of vertigo accompanied by double vision (I was subsequently diagnosed with MS) and I remember how that morning I could not move. Literally could not move or I'd immediately have to throw up the nausea was so intense. I can't imagine dealing with that on an ongoing basis. My heart goes out to you and I hope you can find a solution or that this eye muscle surgery helps (if you decide to have it). Best, Hank

@avmcbellar Greats news about your new glasses with bifocals! I'm glad they work better for you. You deserve some relief with that double vision and motion sickness stuff. No fun and I know surgery would be a big step for you. I did see a neuro opthamologist 3 years after my surgeries and I was told the reason for my worsening photophobia was scar tissue left from surgeries, and having blue eyes. Nothing to be done about it other than what I already do. Which is why forums like Connect are so helpful. We share and help one another through experiences and knowledge. I'm on the fence about getting a 2nd opinion now that I have neuropathy and notice the dry eye and photophobia worsening. Again, probably just...it is what it is. Really up to me if I want to pay a co-pay for reiteration of what I already most likely know. Orrrrrr....there is always that wishful hope the Dr. has some revelation of helpfulness or at the very least, reaffirms my suspicions. How did you like the links I attached the other day? Did you find the information helpful or eye opening at all?