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Rachel, Volunteer Mentor (@rwinney)

Eyes and Neuropathy

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@johnbishop Sorry to hear things are getting worse for your eyes. Both cataracts and neuropathy seem to hold true for having the ability to cause what your feeling. I've known the facts about cataracts, surmised the neurological connection with eyes but after researching a bit further on the two, I now understand the hypersensitivies as a whole from neuropathy. Once again, no chame changer on what we do about it all but definitely some more understanding of our bodies and diseases. Good luck on getting scheduled with Mayo.

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Thanks Rachel, I also forgot to mention that I've been a little concerned since I had the Mayo GeneGuide test done which showed that I was increased risk for Age Related Macular Degeneration ( CFH ARMS2 gene). I was sad to see that the Mayo GeneGuide was dropped by Mayo but my data is still accessible and I have saved the reports offline.

@johnbishop @rwinney Hi guys, I am so clueless about eye problems, that I can add nothing to what you have written about your poor eyes. I just wish you luck, and it seems that Neuropathy can leave no stone unturned. Terrible. I may be writing briefer posts now, because this DRG trial is not easy. Just regaining strength from surgery itself, and still working on calibrating the electricity in the DRG wires. Not for sissies, and can make the pain even worse than how it started. But wires were calibrated again today. Feeling better again. I will post when i know more…Love to you guys, Lori