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Eyes and Neuropathy

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Hi Rachel @rwinney, Great timing on this new discussion. I have an appointment with my primary care doctor and I was going to ask him for a referral to Mayo Clinic Rochester for an eye exam. I had the start of cataracts when my eyes were checked in 2017 at Mayo and I tried to get another appointment in 2019 but they were booked out for the year so I had one done at local eye glasses place. They told me the cataracts would be about a 2 out of 4 level if 4 was the worst. I got new glasses then but the past 6 months or so my eyes seem to be getting worse. It's harder driving at night or when it's sunny and my eyes don't focus well when reading or using the computer even with my computer glasses which I had made specifically for wearing when using the computer.

I don't have any eye pain but there are times when the eyes are tearing up when strained.

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@johnbishop Sorry to hear things are getting worse for your eyes. Both cataracts and neuropathy seem to hold true for having the ability to cause what your feeling. I've known the facts about cataracts, surmised the neurological connection with eyes but after researching a bit further on the two, I now understand the hypersensitivies as a whole from neuropathy. Once again, no chame changer on what we do about it all but definitely some more understanding of our bodies and diseases. Good luck on getting scheduled with Mayo.

Please keep me updated on what you find out. I am actually scheduled for cataract surgery next week and the other eye in a couple more weeks. I was initially informed at last year's eye appointment that I had started developing cataracts. Over this past year, my eyesight has gotten progressively worse with alot of sporadic blurriness, light sensitivity and just unable to focus with or without my prescription trifocals on well enough to read anything. I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy back around 2012 or so at Mayo and that too has been progressively getting worse. I take Gabapentin once a day in the evening because I can't focus enough to work if I take any during the day. The neuropathy, I believe started slowly after I had a spinal fusion in 2002. After my surgery, while still at home recuperating, I would get horrendous pains in my feet and would have to get up out of bed and walk around sometimes for up to an hour to wait on it to ease up enough to be able to get back to sleep. Within a few years, my feet hurt alot. I thought it was something else going on with my feet, not thinking it had to do with my fusion. By 2007, it got to the point that I could hardly walk around for very long or stand for very long without my feet hurting so bad. Then the strange combination of numbness, burning, ultra sensitivity started and has ever since just been getting worse and moving further up and around my feet. Now the tingling is in the lower part of each leg. My feet hurt CONSTANTLY!! My husband thinks I'm nuts because I sweep our floors pretty much every day, sometimes more than once. I can feel everything, tiny crumbs, grains of salt or sand, everything. They don't feel like tiny crumbs or grains of salt or sand, they feel like when someone with normal feet steps on a Lego. Not fun. Anyway, I'd love to hear about any relationship between neuropathy and the progressively worsening vision. Thank you! Good luck!