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Sudden sound increases in Phonak Hearing Aid

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I wear 2 Phonak Nadia B aids. Phonak and other brands have automatic switching programs where the hearing aid itself analyzes the environmental “noise” and adjusts accordingly. I personally don’t like the automatic adjustments and had mine disabled . I manually switch programs depending on where I am. The only automatic program I have right now (which I think is built into Phonak) is that the aid will go mute if the noise level is too loud. I ‘ve had this happen at inopportune moments. This sounds like what is happening to your son and can most definitely be adjusted by your audiologist. I prefer to analyze my own environment and switch to whatever program I choose. That being said, I would also have his ears checked out by an ENT if you have not already done so.

Regards from Mary on Florida

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Thanks a lot for your feedback. They have fitted a single setting and not given program switching option !! we went for Siemens trial few weeks back and they mentioned 3 programs to switch between based on environment. Will ask Phonak to do the same.
My concern is that this sudden increase in sounds for 20 seconds is occurring in quite home environment which is why I felt it has to do with the HA ?? and like Tony pointed out since this is happening with HA out, then it seems to be with the HA and not the Ear…. however the Audiologist is not able to understand the reason. We have ENTs here but haven't come across Otologists… will try to get REM done…and see if we can find an Otologist or if not see an ENT… Thanks

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