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Hello @claireb

I did not have AML, my cancer was Large B cell Lymphoma that in the end had to be treated using Car T therapy.

I was 62 years old when diagnosed. I did spend about 1 week in isolation when receiving one type of Chemotherapy, so not as long as one would be isolated if receiving a transplant for instance.

Chemotherapy can be tough, but as Lori stated, it can extend life, it is so worth it.
Lori outlined some of the side effects very well. in my case, after a few treatments I became extremely tired a few days after the infusions. Nausea was not a serious side effect for me, the meds that were provided post treatment were a huge help to combat that. Bodies react differently to Chemotherapy, joint paint, muscle aches, rashes can all be side effects of cancer treatment. Of note, it could be the associated medications that contribute to some of the side effects.

I had no interest in eating which was really hard on my wife not knowing what to make, I found small servings was best, also it is OK to just have cottage cheese some times. As difficult as it was getting daily exercise was critical, I feel to this day, if I had not been in great physical and mental shape prior the the diagnosis, I would not be here today.

Receiving the diagnosis is difficult, there are in many cases a lot of options for treatment, the success rates are better all the time.

I understand your appointment is tomorrow, I would suggest when attending the meeting, use the mindset that no question is a silly question, they are all important to your husband and to you.

If you are willing, let us know how things go for you tomorrow.

Feel free to reach out at any time.

All the best tomorrow.


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Thank you for sharing your experience.

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