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Claire, I’m happy you’re able to get the virtual visit. At least you’ll be able to connect with the oncologist and have a few questions answered. Have a note pad handy. The isolation is a concern but frankly, through the 5 weeks i was in the hospital last year for the initial chemo, only my husband could visit and occasionally my adult daughter. That was long before CV-19. He would stop up once a day for maybe an hour. The rest of the time i was quite content to stay in touch with friends and family via my iPad. The chemo nurses were so caring and truly, became my family while I was in the hospital. Your husband may not have to be in that long and really, it’s nothing compared to “not being alive’ if you put it into perspective! As for quality of life afterwards? After the initial chemo, within a month he’ll probably feel fairly normal again. Occasionally there is some nausea during treatment. There are many meds available for that. Also he may lose his sense of taste for a few weeks. Our bodies regenerate quickly. There is a period of about a week where he’ll feel extreme tiredness and weakness while the blood count is low. Within days, however, the body starts recovering, making new white blood cells and it’s quick rise back to feeling pretty well again. Fear of the unknown is what is the most threatening. It’s daunting and scary. But many of my friends (whom I met during this journey), are alive and thriving. Some with transplants, some without. Depends on the type of AML. So don’t lose hope! This is survivable! Reach out anytime and don’t hesitate to send a private message. Good luck tomorrow.

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Again, thank you Lori. I'm so glad you had a positive experience and that you are willing to share.

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