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Hi @claireb, I'd like to add my welcome to @loribmt's. You mention that your husband will be starting with a virtual visit. You might find the advice from fellow members in this discussion to be useful:

– Telemedicine: How to make the most of a virtual doctor visit https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/covid-19-telemedicine-its-a-brave-new-world/

If you scroll to the end of this web article, you'll also find further information about questions to ask and more. This might be a good starting place to read before talking with someone at the American Cancer Society. They will be able to prepare more in-depth questions specific to your husband.

I'll let Lori and @grandpabob share their experiences about precautions he'll have to take because of the compromised immune system and isolation from family. That is tough. But that is a reality of leukemia with or without COVID. Those will be important and wise questions to ask the care team, too.

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Thank you, Colleen, for your information. It will definitely be useful. Also, thank you for changing the title of this thread. I wanted to go in and edit it, but didn't know how. This is my first time actually posting something!

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