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HCM Surgery in MN in 44 days

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You can call the mayo Clinic concierge and they will send you all the accommodations and the prices. Yes you do get a mayo discount. The Mayo Clinic also has a travel agency if you need flights or shuttles. I had my septal myectomy 8 months ago in October and I found these services very helpful since I came from California. Dr Schaff was my surgeon. You are in very good hands. The post op is not easy but I am so glad I had the surgery. It gave me my life back. I never get out of breath anymore. I feel like my old self. No more symptoms. I couldn’t walk across the room before the surgery for I got so out of breath and dizzy. And now I am on the treadmill, playing pickleball etc. Good luck I’m sure you will do well.

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You are inspiring! I thought of your words throughout my day. Thank you.

@lailaamin mentioned the free Concierge Services at Mayo Clinic. Here's more info:

The staff at the concierge desk can help with hotel recommendations, according to your wishes of proximity, price and space requirements. They can also let you know about restaurants who are serving during this time and take out options. You can even ask them about activities and services available during your stay. You can contact Concierge Services by email, phone, chat or in person during business hours:

* Phone: 507-538-8438
* Live Chat: https://www.mayoclinic.org/patient-visitor-guide
* Email: concierge@mayo.edu

Lawrence @lmindela might be one of the people you talk to when you contact them. They're all super helpful and really nice folks.