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Chronic Pain | Last Active: Jun 21, 2020 | Replies (11)

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@migizii Of course I'd be glad to . What I've learned is to say NO to a lot of things it is hard to do but for yourself it is necessary That's the most important . Pace yourself ,don't try to do it all at once . I use to get groceries in several places then the next day couldn't get out of bed . Hot water will ease your pain. Ice will help when you are swelled in that area. Epsom salts for feet and also in bath or washcloth . Heating pad, Muscle rubs, TENS unit for tight muscles . relaxes them and lets the nerve retain its path way in the body I tried all the Perscription drugs and they did' t agree with me so I use a 450mg Magnesium Malete Peanut oil rubs help or Hemp oil also . Massages I think that's about it . Hope this helps

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@lioness Thank you so much for all these helpful tips! Now that covid came and so did being furloughed, when I am possibly asked back to work, I will be letting them know that I am opting to retire. Although this pandemic has been terrible in so many ways, it has given me the opportunity to reflect on what I need to improve my health and well-being. What I have discovered is that for too many years, I have sacrificed my health for the job (which I adored-clinical social work with high needs children/youth). I will grieve that loss while looking forward to being better able to take care of myself and help others in different ways.

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