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Constant tinnitus: Are there any solutions?

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@kimjensch Hi. I do not have what you describe, but can point you to 2 areas for help or information. One is http://www.ata.org for the American Tinnitus Association of America. I belong and it is worth joining. The other is a symposium being sponsored by the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) next Friday from noon – 1:30 as part of HLAA's Virtual Convention next week. There will be 3 experts in tinnitus talking about the latest research and info on tinnitus. The link is https://www.hearingloss.org/programs-events/convention/symposium/ There also is a Q & A that afternoon after the online symposium, I believe starting at 2:30 where you can submit any questions you have. Good luck with it.

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I also encourage anyone who is concerned about tinnitus to participate in the HLAA Virtual Convention on June 19 – 20. There is no charge to participate. The annual HLAA convention always includes an outstanding research symposium. This year's topic is tinnitus. Although the convention was cancelled due to COVID19, HLAA has arranged to have some of the main topics available in a virtual format. This is an excellent opportunity to learn. Don't miss it. Register at: http://www.experiencehlaa.org

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